Wednesday, 20 August 2014

No more neck and back pains

Isogai Dynamic Therapy (IDT), also known as' the binding legs technique, emphasises the use of the Isogai Alignment Belts to bind both legs for a balances posture. Using these belts will reveal if your spine is in its correct position in the spinal column.

This technique was discovered by renowned Japanese osteopath Dr Kimiyoshi Isogai in the 1950s.

As part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord passes vertically through the spine together with major nerves supplies.

The spine and its surrounding nerves serve as a super highway to all activities and functions of a human's organs, feelings and movements through the natural pathway in the spinal column.

The spine will only be able to function normally if its position in the spinal column is in an optimum position. A change in the position of the spinal column will impede nerve supplies and affect the body's natural mechanism.

The spine also servers as a pillar and it controls the body's intrinsic balancing ability and fights against gravity. If this pillar is distorted, the centre of balance of the body will be affected.

There are various reasons, including injuries, birth trauma and congenital reasons, which can cause spinal distortion, but consistencies in bad posture, physical movements and habits remain the major causes of abnormal spines.

Many common habits such as crossing legs, slouching and slumping while sitting, hunching and rounding the shoulders can lead to leg length discrepancies and cause an uneven pelvis. This will eventually result in a distorted spine.

The pelvis also allows full flexibility for the spine to move according to its centre of balance. If the pelvis is uneven, the spine will tilt in a certain direction. This will result in the bending of the spine from its natural curvature and cause uneven compression surrounding the spine, which causes soreness, pain, stiffness and numbness.

As the muscles, ligaments and tendons are stressed, they are prone to muscular skeletal disorder (MSD), commonly presented as neck and back discomfort.

IDT is a self-managed therapy for neck and back pains. Patients will be guided to practise a series of pysical movements by binding their legs with the use of Isogai's tools such as the MOB Back Healer, which works with Isogai Alignment Belts for neck wand shoulder problems; and the MOB Knees and legs Therapeutic Bench for knee and leg problems.

IDT has been a well-know and respectable brand in Japan and Taiwan for the last 60 years. The ultimate purpose of IDT is to encourage people to protect their natural posture through discipline and awareness.

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 leg length discrepancies will result to distortion of both spine and body structure.


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